SGS Test report

We manufacture our cork floors to European Air Quality Standards (which are much higher than the USA standards - Canada has no such standards). We import our cork from Portugal, Spain. We use only German manufactured adhesives (no VOC, No Formaldehyde) and German commercial grade water based polyurethane for our finish. We have built a German manufacturing plant in China and produce our product for the world market.

Cork produced in or partially assembled in N. America can not be sold on the European/world market because of the extra chemicals they add - like Microban. Microban is the registered name for the antibacterial product Triclosan. Triclosan is a hormone disrupter (causes male rats and rabbits to produce female properties) and it has been banned in the EU for more than a decade. The World Health Organization wishes the use of Triclosan in commercial products to end. The USA has put a moratorium (no new products can be produced using this chemical, but "old" products can still be produced using it) on the use of Triclosan. Health Canada can not see the harm in the product and therefore allows local producers, Forna Floors are produced to a much higher standard the cork flooring assembled in N. America.

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