How to install cork tiles


spaceConcrete floorings must incorporate damp-proof membrane.New floors must be allowed to dry out completely.The recommended time is 1 day per mm (1 inch per month), with adequate ventilation, up to 50mm thickness.Greater thickness take comparatively longer than this.Cold, wet weather slows the drying process.

spaceInspect the subfloor for moisture. Because cork expands in humid weather and contracts in dry weather, you need to get a good bond with the adhesive you use to bond the tile to the floor. If the subflooring has too much moisture, the adhesive won't work properly

easy installationExisting floor coverings must be removed.Do not fix directly on to asphalt.

spaceIf you are going to install the cork tile flooring over a floor with radiant heat, turn on the heat regardless of the season.


Step 1:

Important: You MUST READ the preparation instructions before installing your glue down flooring!
Lay out the cork tile as it will be installed on the floors. Adjust the tiles until you are pleased with the layout. Draw lines on the floors with chalk to indicate where the tiles will be placed. Draw a line to mark every third row of tiles. The chalk lines will guide you during installation.


Step 2:

how to install cork flooringApply adhesive with shorthair velour roller on cork backing

Step 3:

installation cork floorApply adhesive around the perimeter and in the corners of the room with a paintbrush. Pour the adhesive into a paint pan. Saturate a medium-nap roller with adhesive, and roll the glue onto the floors. Allow the glue to become tacky. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for specific times. If you using Wakol D 3540, Wait until both adhesive films are dried and completely transparent.

Step 4:

spaceSet the tiles into place on the floor using your chalk lines as a guide. Press the tiles tightly together. Hit the tiles firmly with a rubber mallet to set into place. Continue setting rows of tiles until you have installed all of the whole tiles.

install cork tiles

Step 5:

glue down tile installingMark along the back of the tiles where they need to be cut. Slice the tile with a sharp utility knife. Press the tile in place on the floor. Allow the glue to set overnight.

Step 6:

how to install laminate flooring Vacuum the floors to remove all small particles, clean and remove all traces of excess adhesive and other marks. Clean the floor with a hardwood floor cleaner, but do not allow the cork to get too wet. Allow the floor to dry.

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