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Cork Wall Panels 7mm Cork Wall Tiles Orgclay 5mm Cork Wall Tiles 3m Everything You Need to Know about Cork Wall Tiles and Cork Floor

Today there is more of a focus on choosing different home products when remodeling that are known for being eco-friendly. There are a lot of new building materials that are available but some of the best and most popular choices include cork wall tile and floor tile. The reason that this choice is so green is that it comes from tree bark that naturally replenishes itself. So you can get the materials without having to cut down or damage the tree. There is also no worry about green house gas emissions because these are farmed in a natural way that is also eco-friendly. While the first harvest can not be done until the tree is about twenty five years old after that it can be harvested every nine years.

Cork wall tiles have been around for a long time and is a great choice for a lot of additional reasons as well. It provides a natural insulation, a thermal barrier, sound insulator, vibration dampener and fire retardant so it is a great choice for theaters wall tiles and recording studios wall tiles because it absorbs sound. It is also a great choice for hospital wall tiles and other areas where you want the room next to you to be quiet. Hotels and motels can even find that this choice is going to help them to be able to keep noise down and their guests happy. When used in your home, you will find that many different rooms could benefit not only from the unique looks wall tiles but also from its ability to keep sounds out.

Additionally you will find that cork is a great solution for people who suffer from allergies. A cork floor is hypo allergenic and will help you to keep allergens under control in your home. Since it seems to repel many different allergens like mildew and mold, you will find that there are choices that are going to be great for public buildings like hotels, motels, and even apartments. hospitals wall tiles also find that this is a great choice for them to be able to make sure that things are going well. If you have a child with allergies you will appreciate this because you are not going to have to sacrifice style and beauty to keep things looking good. There are also no micro-fibers released in the air with this choice. This is one of the biggest problems for allergy sufferers and something that many places have available. Plus you will find that a cork floor can help repel other dangers too. In fact it is going to be resistant to different molds and mildews and actually repel against pests.

There are few different choices of building material that are as sustainable and work as great as cork. With so many choices out there the remodeling and building process can be overwhelming. Making this choice lets you do your part in helping the environment and keeping your home as healthy as possible for your family. So you are really helping others as much as you are helping yourself and you are doing it all without having to sacrifice style or looks.

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