Cork Tiles

4mm Cork Glue Down tiles

The beauty is Forna cork tiles are comes in same color of floating/click together floor. That means that you can use the "easy" flooring options in the kitchen flooring and living room and save the harder/water proof installation process for the porch and bathroom. A glue down tile is designed to be water proof. A floating floor can only be made water resistant, never water proof. If wish, you can do your entire project in a glue down tile, but you can not do it all in a floating floor.

A floating flooring can never go in a bathroom, nor should it be installed in an area that could be exposed to plenty of water/mud/sand/dirt etc.

For a proper install cork tiles, you will need a “perfect” subfloor = free of old flooring product, flat, even out of cement or cement backer board. Free of old glues, mortar, paint, etc. You would need enough adhesive to butter the back of the tiles and the substrate. You will also require 2-3 coats of water based polyurethane to seal the floor once it is installed.

To install a glue down floor, you will need to find a “source” for water based contact cement adhesive. You will also need a 4” medium nap roller (not too fuzzy) for the adhesive and a 6” low nap roller for the finish you need to apply after the tiles are installed. We can provide the water based polyurethane.

When sealing a large area (anything over 250sf) of our cork, we always recommend using the Loba Supra WS 2K.

If you are looking for an installer, you should look for someone who has experience with "contact cement" application. A hint: bathroom tile setters have the best set of skills for this. General contractors HATE a glue down floor! It takes a lot of time, a lot of patience and a lot of waiting. We have found that to install a glue down tile floor it is more expensive than a floating floor.

Again, Waterproofing cork tiles are designed to be bathroom tiles. A floating flooring can never go in a bathroom.

Size and Composition
  • 24” x 12”approx. (600mm x 300mm)
  • or 12” x 12”(305mm x 305mm)
  • 100% natural cork
  • approx.3/16” (4mm) or (4.8mm)
Cork Density 
  • Wear layer 450-500 or 500-550kg/m3 (28-30lb/fts or 30-34lb/ft3)
Surface Finishing
  • 3 coats of durable PU varnish
Impact sound absorption 
  • approx. 14dB
Thermal resistance 
  • approx.0.129m 2K/W
Light fastness 
  • Pale in sunlight
Wear resistance
  • with the Taber Abrasion method – Wheels CS17, load 1000g
  • 11pcs per pack or 1.98 sq m (600mm x 300mm)
  • 4 packs per carton and 54 cartons per pallet)
Construction of cork glue-down tile
Forna Construction of cork glue-down tile
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