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Cork floating flooring or cork glue down tiles

Forna Uniclic Floating Flooring is a great option for kitchen flooring, basement flooring. A floating floor can be installed everywhere BUT NOT IN A BATHROOM. A glue down tile can go in bathrooms. We recommend in a kitchen or wet entrances to finish cork floating flooring with 2 coats of water based polyurethane. The problem with "wet" is not the standing water but the humidity levels. In a kitchen or a "wet entranceway" the humidity rarely changes and therefore the 2 additional coats of water based polyurethane will do the trick. In a bathroom the humidity can reach 84% - 100% every time the shower is used...which can be several times a day. This is where the benefits of the glue down tile become "de rigure".

A glue down cork tiles is 100% cork which makes the floor 100% water proof. A glue down installation makes requires a clean, dry subfloor made of plywood (no OSB or Chip board allowed) or cement based product (cement backer board is common in bathrooms). You will need enough water based contact cement to finish the project plus enough water based polyurethane to finish the cork tiles in 3 coats. No matter where you install glue down cork tiles you must site-finish them with 3 coats of water based polyurethane.

If you are looking for an easy to install, water resistant, easy to maintain floor then the floating cork floor is fine. If you worry about very high amounts of standing water (4-5 litres at a time) or high humidity (greater than 75% at any given time) then you should look at the glue down tile installation.


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