CE certificate Forna cork flooring

Forna cork flooring is CE-Certified. This means that cork floor has European market standards.

Forna cork flooring is manufactured for us by our manufacturer, Link Cork, in China. Link Cork has been producing flooring products for Europe and Asia since 1998. All of Link Cork's flooring has passed multiple tests suitable for the European and Japanese markets. Our Forna Brand is tested to international standards and not to the US market standards. European/Asian markets have much more stringent tests than the US. Canada does not have any testing measures of our own and therefore rely on the US standards to guide us.

Many of the floors sold in the US/Canada would be deemed illegal or unsalable in Europe.

Off gassing is not an issue with our products. Even the floating floor is WELL underneath the European standards (2nd in the world), meets Japanese standards (1st in the World) and WELL EXCEEDS US standards (about 11th in the World). Canada doesn't have air quality standards...'cause Health Canada can't seem to get up enough energy to care.

We produce our glue down tiles with the same products (binders/finish) as our floating floors. The binders in our E1 High Density Fibreboard (HDF) are 100% Formaldehyde and VOC free (same binders out of Germany that keep our cork tiles together). Our off-gassing (floating flooring) ranks in the MICROGRAMS per cubic METER! That's 10 to the neg. 6th power! Formaldehyde is equivalent to the background levels of cork (6micrograms/L). To put that in perspective, an apple = 20milligrams/L or 2000micrograms/L if you want it in the same units of measure.

Our products meet the European E1 and E0 Formaldehyde Emission Standards for Green Flooring. The Formaldehyde Emission Standards is less than 0.5 mg/L. Our products have been tested at less than 0.1mg/L. In our manufacturing process we use German food-grade water-based polyurethane adhesive that is used to process wine corks. In fact, there is less formaldehyde in our product than there is in an apple or in a bottle of beer

A floating floor is very much an option for you...off-gassing is not something we worry about with our product.

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